To the next level! Is your website old and outdated? Does your business need a boost in its online presence? Are you ready to explore the avenues of options that will allow you to market your business more efficiently while maximising and keeping track of traffic and interactions on your site?

We can help you to get started and teach you how to self manage your website and online presence, future proofing your business. We take pride in our work and what we do and it would be our pleasure to assist you too.


BJE is an online agency with over 10 years experience in one of the fastest evolving industries and we’ve managed to stay at the front of the pack when it comes to modern online practice and design. Our goal is to set new website standards for our clients so their competition has to play catch up.

A lot of work lies behind our devotion to making sure that our customers take their industry by storm, and it couldn’t be anything but passion that has kept those sparks alive throughout the years.

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